Flood & Water Damage Restoration Company in Shively, KY

Water damage can devastate your home or business; fortunately for Shively, Advanced Steamway offers quality water damage restoration service. Our team can get started on the restoration process immediately with our emergency response services, which minimize the amount of damage inflicted on your property. We specialize in mitigating water damage, and our professional team will help recover your home or business. Contact our company when water threatens your property; we have more than two decades of experience in the industry.

An Expert Water Restoration Company in Shively

As one of Shively’s highly regarded water restoration companies, you can count on our services after a disaster occurs at your home or business. You’ll get the immediate assistance you need to restore your property quickly and thoroughly while protecting it from possible water-related damage. We’ve been committed to our clients since 1998 and continue to deliver high-quality water damage restoration services to everyone that needs a reliable company.

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Quality Water Damage Restoration For Your Shively Property

Heavy rains, broken pipes, and more can all lead to flooding in Shively; regardless of the cause, our professionals can provide the water damage restoration services necessary to get your property back to its previous state. At Advanced Steamway, your home or business will receive efficient care from well-trained specialists using cutting-edge equipment to reduce the amount of damage water can cause. Our technicians even go into the hidden parts of your property where damage is often overlooked.


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You can rely on our quality water damage restorations to mend your property so that it is comfortable and safe after flooding. We carefully go through the entire property, leaving no damage unaddressed—from floors and walls to furniture. Our team ensures that excess moisture is removed and additional complications handled with skill and precision. Often with water damage, there is a fear of mold; if there is mold present, we offer Shively homes and business comprehensive mold removal to deal with any toxic growths.

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When you hire Advanced Steamway to restore, remediate, cleanup or reconstruct your Shively home or business, you're hiring a company dedicated to providing you with immediate relief from your concerns regarding the state and status of your home and belongings. Our priority is to provide with thorough on-site services, ensuring a quick response to assess and address any damages most efficiently, and, in addition, we are proud to manage your claim from start to finish. From cleanup to reconstruction, Advanced Steamway is a true full-service water restoration company.