Flood & Water Damage Restoration Company in Prospect, KY

Without a reliable water restoration company to have your back, water damage can be catastrophic for your home or business in Prospect. Here at Advanced Steamway, we have the restoration services if you are faced with extensive water damage from a flood or a small incident such as a leaky pipe. No matter what the cause of the damage is, our well-trained staff delivers top-notch removal and repairs for your property. We won’t let water further damage your property and pile onto your expenses.

Prospect’s Proven Water Restoration Company

We were one of the first companies to offer water damage restoration services to Prospect, and in the decades since, we have improved our results by adopting industry-leading methods and advanced technology. Our skilled and knowledgeable team can extract water and eliminate moisture from hardwood floors, walls, cabinets, and carpets without having to remove it beforehand. That way, no additional damage is added during the drying process. Take the stress out of your restoration project when you choose us as your contractor.

Residential & Commercial Restorations

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Even the simplest thing can tell a story or span hundreds of years. Let us help you get it back to it's glory.


Expert Water Damage Restoration in Prospect

Day or night, if your Prospect property has water-related damage, our dedicated team is here for you. With emergency services backed by the experience and qualifications exceptional restoration requires, we can ensure that all your needs are met when it comes to fixing water damage. Our team thoroughly dries the affected area to prevent additional damage from occurring and begin quick and effective repairs in the places where it’s needed. We will get your home or business back to normal as soon as possible.


Not All Heroes Wear Capes

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Going Beyond Restoration for the People of Prospect

In Prospect we’re about more than just dependable water damage restorations. Our team understands that water damage is difficult to deal with in any home or business and approach each project with kindness and care. To make things go smoother, we work with your insurance company to quickly and correctly process your claim and get you covered. We pride ourselves on the appreciation and commitment we make to every single one of our clients; we strive to bring the kind of care you deserve.

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When you hire Advanced Steamway to restore, remediate, cleanup or reconstruct your home or business, you're hiring a company dedicated to providing you with immediate relief from your concerns regarding the state and status of your home and belongings. Our priority is to provide you with thorough water damage restoration services, ensuring a quick response to assess and address any damages most efficiently, and, in addition, we are proud to manage your claim from start to finish. From cleanup to reconstruction, Advanced Steamway is a true full-service restoration company.