Construction Services
Louisville, Kentucky

$50 off for first time customers.

Need home repairs?  We can help with that.   Most of the time our clients choose to have us help them repair the damage after we do the mitigation work.  After experiencing the high level of quality and the standard of service at which we operate, they they are happy to have us take care of the repairs.  Some of the most common things that need to be addressed are;  having new flooring put in, re-supporting subfloor, replacing drywall, painting and new trim.  We can usually expedite these services faster than their insurance companies can.  So that way, properties are restored back to normal as quickly as possible.  We also can bill directly to property owner or coordinate with insurance companies if property owner wishes.


Why choose Advanced Steamway for home repairs in the Louisville area?

Locally owned and operated since 1998
Experienced, detail oriented staff
Professional, kind, and understanding

Not only are we vastly experienced, but we are also committed to providing the type of detailed attention that our clients appreciate and deserve.  We only work with the best team members who possess the highest possible standards for themselves and their work.  It is important to us at Advanced Steamway that all our representatives both in the office and in the field maintain a high degree of professionalism, kindness, and understanding.